Sandrine Leon


"My goal is to modify the perception of our behaviors
by extracting them from their usual context:
To come back to the essentials

"... Sandrine Leon’s photographic work questions men, nature and their relationship and focuses on consumerism and its excess. She tries to understand how human beings fit in society. Happiness is another abstract subject she tries to show in her images.

Sandrine’s work is organized in series. Each one has its own theme and variations developed through many years.

Her reflection on individuals and consumerism starts in 2000 with Fridges and dustbins” photographed in people’s houses. It shows the variety of food, supply modes, and waste.

These still lives become portraits, describing the universe of the fridge’s owner. But also has an ethnographic function: It shows lifestyles and the evolution of attitudes in that matter. Raw food, pre-cooked dishes, organic food, meat and vegetables and diverse packaging form a mosaic of colors and materials which shows a lot about our food consumption.

Mainly taken during vacation time, the series “My feet on vacation” finds its origin in 2003. Sandrine invites the viewer to become the photographer and enter the landscape.

The photographer wearing flip-flops which are a universal symbol. All landmarks are lost. The viewer is disoriented by the ground level point of view and discovers virgin landscapes, free of houses and commercial buildings that are often in the countryside or the seaside. Sandrine always uses a Holga camera that blurs the edges of the image adding a dreamy aspect to it. The picture then becomes like taken from a keyhole through which the viewer gets a taste of the beautiful landscapes.

In Through the window”, Sandrine focuses on the rain streaming on the window and blurring the landscapes in the background which appears then like a dream world where the viewer is given the freedom to recompose the lines, shapes and stories. The same feeling can be found in “Water reflection” where the main subject is shown upside-down and his head distorted by the waves on a puddle. The place and the moment where the picture was taken are left to be imagined. It is a game about appearances.

Close to children’s world, the photographer captures the little pleasures of kids. It is “Tons of pleasure”. Close framings, vivid colors and high key images reinforce the feeling of happiness, awaken the senses and create a world of wonders. Children’s words come to the mind at each photograph. Universal and spontaneous, the gestures captured by these images are a witness of the rich relationships kids have with the outside world.

Sandrine’s avid look invites the grown ups that we are to revive our curiosity, to simply find the taste of childhood again... Marie Lecoustey (Translation : Madjid Aoudia )"